According to Gartner, 12 to 20 percent of telecom charges are incorrect. How much does that equate to for your organization? 

Outsourcing telecom management to Lexcom can be a cost-effective way to efficiently manage telecom expenses..




Expense Management - Cost of Telecommunications  Review

What is a Cost of Telecommunications assessment?

Organizations pay hefty bills for telecommunications services, and they often do it with very little insight into where the money is spent. Individual costs vary widely from a few thousand dollars a month for a small physician practice to hundreds of thousands or millions for big, multi-state businesses. But big or small, they all face a bewildering array of telecommunications service agreements and invoices. 

A telecommunications cost assessment is a  close examination of telecommunications invoices to determine if your organization is spending money unnecessarily on services that are unused, inaccurate, or ill-suited to their intended purpose. 

Why would I need one?

  • Your pay a substantial amount of money towards telecommunications expenses but do not know exactly what you are paying for.
  • You have remained with the same service providers for years and have not conducted a marketplace assessment to determine if a more cost-effective option is available.
  • Your vendor is asking for a substantial increase to the services they are providing without adding more value.
  • You want to see if there are newer services available that would better meet your needs.



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Expense Management

What's included in the engagement?

Lexcom can perform a deep dive into your telecommunication expenses to ensure that you are getting the best value for each dollar spent.


Evaluation of Existing Equipment

Our analyst conducts an inventory of all telecommunications equipment and devices as well as a review of the network topology.


Performance and Reliability Assessment

Assess the performance, reliability, and capacity of the infrastructure.


Telecommunication Services Assessment

Review of the current service providers and the associated contracts. Analyze usage patterns, service quality, and costs. Identify any unused or underutilized services.


Recommendation Report

A list of recommendations for cost savings and improvement that includes infrastructure upgrades, consolidation, contract renegotiations, and change of service providers. Propose strategies to eliminate unnecessary expenses.


Implementation Support (Optional)

Assistance in the implementation of the overall recommendations covered in the recommendation report. 


Contact Center Review (Optional)

A deep dive into contact center operations including the creation of dashboards and reports that can be used to gain insight into performance.

Expense ManagementWhat are the next steps?

Lexcom offer's a free consultation to better understand what you are hoping to achieve our of the review. Lexcom can customize the scope of the engagement to meet your specific requirements.

A master services agreement is put in place to establish an agreement around our business relationship such as confidentiality, and privacy of information.

The statement of Work document outlines the scope of the agreement and estimated capital investment required.

A meeting of the project stakeholders, and Lexcom analysts to begin planning and executing the engagement.