Getting connectivity for your business has never been easier

We help you get the best connectivity possible, for the right price and then manage it for you.



Networking and Communications

Your business needs reliable Internet connectivity. We help you get it. 

Lets face it, working with large carriers is painful. Our networking and connectivity services make this process easy by handling everything on your behalf. 

Negotiating the best rates possible

Lexcom works with hundreds of different companies across many different industries. We have visibility into what everyone is paying for their connectivity. We work on your behalf to get you the bandwidth you need, at a price you can afford.

Networking and Communications

We handle the installation and cutover on your behalf. 

The service provider is only going to get connectivity to the building, they expect that you will take it from there. Lexcom will ensure that you have the proper network configuration in place and handle everything on your behalf. 

Ensuring your connectivity is secure and performing as expected

Our managed network services take it a step further. We will actively monitor your connections to ensure that you are getting the bandwidth that you are paying for. We can test the connections for vulnerabilities to improve your security posture. If we find a problem, we will handle it on your behalf.

Ready to improve your network connectivity?

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VoIP and Telecommunications Services

Stay Connected and Collaborate Effectively

With over 25 years of providing datacenter services, you can trust that Lexcom has the skills and experience to get the job done.


High-Quality Voice Calls

Our advanced VoIP technology ensures clear and reliable voice calls with minimal latency.


Video Conferencing Solutions

Connect with your team, clients, and partners through our HD video conferencing feature, making remote meetings feel like your in the same room.


Instant Messaging Services

Stay in touch with your team members through our secure, user-friendly instant messaging platforms. 


Unified Communications

Integrate our VoIP services with your existing CRM and other business tools for a seamless communications experience. 


Mobile App

Stay connected on-the-go, or work from home with our feature-rich mobile app available for Windows, Mac, IOS and Android devices.


Fantastic Customer Support

Our team of experts is available to provide you with top-notch support and assistance that goes far beyond what you experience from national providers.

Expense ManagementWhat are the next steps?

Lexcom offer's a free consultation to better understand what you are hoping to achieve our of the review. Lexcom can customize the scope of the engagement to meet your specific requirements.

A master services agreement is put in place to establish an agreement around our business relationship such as confidentiality, and privacy of information.

The statement of Work document outlines the scope of the agreement and estimated capital investment required.

A meeting of the project stakeholders, and Lexcom analysts to begin planning and executing the engagement.