Managed IT services for Property Management

We build reliable and secure networks for building control systems.

We manage your control system network, so you don't have to.

At Lexcom, we understand that today's smart building control systems rely on having the proper connectivity and security in place.  We specialize in delivering and securing business control systems and establishing connectivity for sub-contractors who service them.


Property Management IT Services

Industry Specific Experience

Having worked with property managers for over 20 years, our understanding of the unique challenges in the industry sets us apart from the competition.

We understand the nuances that come with building ownership. The need to ensure building services remain available for the public and your tenants. The complexity of having multiple vendors operating different control systems. The need to have visibility to reduce your operating expenses.  


Efficient building operation starts with solid network connectivity.

We can connect various control systems through wired or wireless technologies to establish secure and high-speed connections, enabling seamless communication between sensors, actuators, HVAC systems, lighting controls, security systems, and more.


Why Choose Lexcom Managed IT Services for Your Property?

In-depth knowledge of  networking building control systems, coupled with our best managed technology services sets us apart from the competition

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