There was a 450% Increase in Cyber Security Attacks Last Year. Are You Prepared?

Lexcom's cyber security readiness assessment can provide you with a comprehensive review of your oranizations security posture and outline areas of improvement.




Security Engagement - Cyber Readiness Review

What is a cyber security readiness assessment?

A cyber readiness review is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization's security policies, procedures, and technologies, as well as a review of its overall security culture. The results of an assessment are used to develop and implement a strategic cyber security plan that will enhance your security posture and safeguard against cyber threats.

Why would I need one?

  • Your wealth is tied up in your business and you wish to ensure that you have the necessary controls in place.
  • You operate in a regulated industry and are required to have security controls in place.
  • You maintain intellectual property that you wish to protect.
  • You are responsible for an organization's risk management program and require an independent 3rd parties opinion.

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Security Engagement - Cyber Readiness Assessment

Whats included in the engagement?

Lexcom can help you implement the tools and technology to securely extend your business to work remotely.


Cyber Insurance Review

Our analyst reviews your insurance coverage to ensure adequate coverage in your policy.


Organizational Review

A comprehensive review of the organization's existing security policies, procedures, and standards.


Security Technology Review

An evaluation of the organization's security technologies, including firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, antivirus, and other applications.


Vulnerability Review

Review an organizations network architecutre and infratructure to identify potential vulnerablities and weaknesses.


Physical Security 

A review of an organization's physical security controls, including access controls, surveillance systems, and security measures.


Security Culture 

A review of an organization's security culture and awareness programs to determine the level of employee understanding and compliance.

Security EngagementWhat are the next steps?

Lexcom offer's a free consultation to better understand what you are hoping to achieve our of the review. Lexcom can customize the scope of the engagement to meet your specific requirements.

A master services agreement is put in place to establish an agreement around our business relationship such as confidentiality, and privacy of information.

The statement of Work document outlines the scope of the agreement and estimated capital investment required.

A meeting of the project stakeholders, and Lexcom analysts to begin planning and executing the engagement.