Building Flexibility into your Work Environment

Lexcom specializes in building flexible work environments where employees can work productively from almost anywhere.


Remote Workforce - Technology

Why build remote workforce capabilities for my business?

There are a number of business benefits to building a remote work environment including reduced office expenses, improved employee satisfaction, business continuity benefits, and more.

Remote Workforce - Key Technology

Key Technologies for the Remote Workforce

Lexcom can help you implement the tools and technology to securely extend your business to work remotely.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers a suite of tools including authentication, file storage, collaboration, and email. Moving these functions to the cloud provides a foundational ability to enable remote work.

Voice Over IP

Internet-based voice over IP extends your corporate telephone system to enable users to work from home just like they are in the office. Simply pick up your phone or use a softphone.

Zero Trust VPN

Zero Trust VPN services enable you to provide access to corporate networks while being able to control what a person is able to do over the connection. 

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures help to streamline and manage contract signing processes.

Virtual Desktop & Apps

Virtual desktops and applications enable you to provide secure access to your business applications over an Internet connection. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor authentication secures your business in the event that a password is compromised by providing a secondary authentication method that is typically with a person. 


Remote Workforce 

Moving to Microsoft 365 for business email, collaboration, and file sharing.

Microsoft 365 is a popular choice for remote workforces due to its extensive suite of productivity, and collaboration tools, which are designed to facilitate efficient and effective communication and work processes. 

Remote Workforce 

Modernizing your phone system to extend to your mobile workforce.

Voice over IP offers many benefits for remote workforce enablement, including cost savings, flexibility, improved productivity, scalability, and integration with other tools. 


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Remote Workforce 

Using digital signatures to provide better contract management in a dynamic work environment.

Digital signatures enable remote workers to sign documents quickly without the need to print, sign, scan, and send physical copies.

Remote Work

What are the next steps?

Lexcom offer's a free consultation to better understand your environment, and the investments that you have already made. From there we will scope of the engagement to meet your specific requirements.

A master services agreement is put in place to establish an agreement around our business relationship will operate and information will be protected.

The statement of Work document outlines the scope of the agreement and estimated capital investment required.

A meeting of the project stakeholders, and Lexcom analysts to begin planning and executing the engagement.