Corporate History

Starting from humble roots in 1996, Lexcom has grown into a multi-national business providing technology services to businesses throughout the United States and Canada.


FounderBryan Janz

Technology Entrepreneur

Mr. Bryan Janz started his first technology business at the age of 13 buying computers from government auctions, refurbishing them, and reselling them. At 21 years old, Mr. Janz decided to focus solely on building his consulting firm Lexcom. This led him to play a leading role in the consolidation of government services in Saskatchewan into the Information Technology Office. One of the largest projects ever undertaken in Saskatchewan IT led to a gold medal for service excellence. 

With a passion for applying information technology to solve real-world problems, Mr. Janz has successfully launched a number of technology companies. (With a few failures along the way)

Mr. Janz remains actively involved in Lexcom's strategic positioning and continues using it as a catalyst for new business ventures.

Corporate History

Founded 1996

Founded in 1996 as Lexcom Computers, by Bryan and Garry Janz. Focused on buying and reselling computer equipment.

Early Years


In Feb 2001, formed Lexcom Sytems Group Inc. Specializing in computer networking and Internet connectivity. 

Began a large scale project working with the Government of Saskatchewan consolidating executive government into the Information Technology Office.

Early Years


Hired our first employees. Began working on developing a remote support model for small businesses.



Grew to 44 employees in our Saskatchewan Office. Finalized the consolidation of the 16 executive government departments.

Began expanding into the Alberta and Manitoba marketplaces.

US Expansion


Expanded our footprint into Texas providing IT consulting services. Moved the entire business to work as a virtual organization where we had the freedom to work from anywhere. 

Built the foundations for Best Managed Technology Systems

Building For The Future

2012 - 2016

Started expanding our capabilities outside of IT infrastructure into software development. Began working with a large mid-stream pipeline company to create a system that would allow all contractors on a pipeline project to submit records in a digital format that could be actioned immediately. 



Due to political hurdles, all major new developments for pipeline projects were canceled. Began to apply our technology to consolidate leak information for water distribution systems.

Began to pivot back to our roots, while reworking our approach to new technology development.

Back on Track

2018 - 2020

Began to apply our new capabilities in many different areas solving real world problems using a mixture of our expertise in information technology coupled with our software and hardware development capabilities. 

Back on Track

2019 - 2022

While COVID hit many businesses very hard, the decision we made to move to a virtual organization back in 2010 positioned us very well to adapt to the changing business environment. 

Our expertise in remote work helped us reposition ourselves as subject matter experts in this area and move back into a strong position.

Full Steam Ahead


With Texas coming out of Covid a lot faster than the Canadian marketplace we refocused our growth in Managed IT Services to the Texas region. Our repositioning has led to unprecedented growth for our consulting, software development, and managed IT divisions.

Industry Recognition

Awards & Accolades

Our efforts to keep innovating IT service delivery and developing new technology have been recognized by our peers.


"Lexcom did a great job with our project. Very intelligent and excellent problem solvers. Immediately gave us different options and laid out a solid plan of attack to get the project implemented and completed in an effective secure manner. Would recommend highly."

Daniel Sitton
Chief Information Officer, UBank

"We used Lexcom to rewire an 8500 sq ft office building. They also did all of our server work as well. Good clean, reliable work. Service after the sale has been very good as well."

Taylor White
Owner, Freedom Financial

"For years, continual network issues were a major limitation to expanding my business. My previous two providers promised they could resolve the issue but nothing changed. After two years,  I finally pulled the trigger and they didn't disappoint. They quickly identidied the cause and within a couple of weeks we were problem free. They really know their stuff."

Jason Farrell
Owner, Farrell Agencies